M&E Appraisal Associates, Inc. (“M&EAA”) provides certified machinery appraisals, equipment appraisals, medical equipment appraisals and inventory appraisals.

Machinery appraisers

Providing certified machinery appraisals and equipment appraisals, nationwide, since 1990

M&EAA maintains a network of machinery & equipment appraisers who are available to provide services in all 50 states, as well as Canada, and other international locations.


M&EAA provides machinery appraisals and equipment appraisals for use by business owners, corporations, financial institutions, asset based lenders, government agencies, accountants, medical professionals, attorneys and other legal professionals.


Machinery & equipment appraisals are typically provided for the purpose of asset based lending or refinance; allocation of purchase price (Fair Value); bankruptcy; condemnation or eminent domain; corporate conversions and dissolution; divorce; insurance loss settlement; lease end negotiations; management considerations; mergers, purchases, and sales; and taxation (ad valorem, estate and gift).

Machinery & equipment appraisals and medical equipment appraisals are completed under numerous value scenarios, which typically include:

    • Reproduction Cost New
    • Replacement Cost New
    • Fair Market Value
    • Fair Market Value – In Continued Use
    • Fair Market Value – Installed
    • Orderly Liquidation Value
    • Forced Liquidation Value
    • Liquidation Value – In Place
    • Salvage Value
    • Scrap Value

Inventory appraisals are typically provided for the purpose of asset based lending or refinance. Inventory appraisals that are accomplished for secured lenders or are related to a loan transaction are typically prepared on the basis of Forced Liquidation Value or Orderly Liquidation Value.


Equipment appraisals

Greg Feinsinger, CMEA – President

Gregory F. Feinsinger (“Greg”) is the president of M&EAA.

Greg is a certified machinery & equipment appraiser (“CMEA”) and has over 25 years of appraisal experience.

All appraisals are completed in conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (“USPAP”) as established by the Appraisal Foundation.