Printed Circuit Board Equipment Appraisers

M&E Appraisal Associates, Inc. (“M&EAA”) are certified printed circuit board equipment appraisers.

M&EAA provides PCB manufacturing machinery & equipment appraisals for use by business owners, corporations, financial institutions and asset based lenders, accountants, attorneys and other legal professionals.

Printed circuit board production machinery & equipment appraisals are provided for the following purposes: asset based lending or refinance; allocation of purchase price (Fair Value); bankruptcy; condemnation or eminent domain; corporate conversions and dissolution; divorce; insurance loss settlement; lease end negotiations; management considerations; mergers, purchases, and sales; and taxation (ad valorem, estate and gift).

Printed circuit board manufacturing machinery & equipment appraisers are experienced in providing medical equipment appraisals, construction equipment appraisals, manufacturing equipment appraisals, industrial equipment appraisals, and transportation equipment appraisals.

Types of printed circuit board manufacturing machinery & equipment appraised include accumulators, deburrers, drills & routers, exposure units, fabrication equipment, hot air levelers, laminators, ovens, photoplotters, plating equipment, presses, scoring equipment, screening & LPI equipment, scrubbers, via fill equipment, wet process equipment, testers & automated optical inspection equipment, material handling equipment, etc.

To contact M&EAA about the specifics of your machinery & equipment appraisal, please call us at (844) VALUEME (825-8363).

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