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M&E Appraisal Associates, Inc. (“M&EAA”) are expert Ohio inventory appraisers.

M&EAA provides inventory appraisals for use by Ohio business owners, corporations, financial institutions and asset based lenders, accountants, attorneys and other legal professionals.

Ohio inventory appraisals that are accomplished for secured lenders or are related to a loan transaction are typically prepared on the basis of Forced Liquidation Value or Orderly Liquidation Value. Fair Market Value and Fair Value appraisals are used for ad valorem tax and FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) requirements.

Ohio is highly industrialized, and is a leading producer of automobiles & automotive related parts, transportation equipment, primary & fabricated metals, and machinery & machine tools. The state is also a leader in the production rubber, ceramic, glass, lime, clay, and salt. The state’s major ports, Cleveland and Toledo, are major shipping centers which handle and transport iron & copper ore, coal, oil, and finished materials including steel products & automotive parts. For more information on Ohio industry, go to the Ohio Economic Development Association website.


Gregory F. Feinsinger, CMEA is the president of M&EAA. 

Greg is a certified machinery & equipment appraiser, and has over 25 years of machinery & equipment appraisal, inventory appraisal, and medical equipment appraisal experience.

To discuss the specifics of your prospective inventory appraisal, please call our office at (844) VALUEME (825-8363).

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