Inventory Appraisals

M&E Appraisal Associates, Inc. (“M&EAA”) provides inventory appraisals for use by business owners, corporations, financial institutions and asset based lenders, government agencies, accountants, attorneys and other legal professionals.

Inventory appraisals

Providing inventory appraisals for lenders and industry since 1990

All M&EAA inventory appraisals include item detail and narrative specific to the subject items appraised that describe their unique value characteristics, current market conditions, and other pertinent factors that impact value.

Inventory appraisals that are accomplished for secured lenders or are related to a loan transaction are typically prepared on the basis of Forced Liquidation Value or Orderly Liquidation Value.

Fair Market Value and Fair Value appraisals are used for ad valorem tax and FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) requirements.

M&EAA has substantial experience appraising the inventory of a diverse variety of industries.

A representative list of inventory industries appraised includes:

Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Distributors • Aircraft Engine Parts Manufacturers/Distributors • Aircraft Overhaul/Repair Shops • Aluminum Products Manufacturers/Distributors • Apparel Manufacturers/Distributors • Automotive Parts Manufacturers/Distributors • Automotive Seat Manufacturers • Automotive Tool Suppliers • Beer/Wine/Liquor Distributors • Boat Manufacturers • Bolt and Fastener Manufacturers • Book Distributors • Bronze, Brass Manufacturers/Distributors • Building Supply Distributors • Candy Manufacturers • Cast Parts Distributors • Catalog Sales Distributors • Cheese Processors/Distributors • Chemicals Processors • Circuit Board Manufacturers • Collegiate Apparel Manufacturers • Computer Assemblers • Concrete Products Manufacturers • Construction Equipment Manufacturers • Construction Forms • Consumer Goods Exporters • Cosmetics and Perfume Importers/Distributors • Crankshaft Manufacturers • Dairies and Dairy Products • Electrical/Electronic Parts Distributors • Electronic Components Distributors • Entertainment and Security System Manufacturers • Envelope Manufacturers • Explosives Distributors • Fabrics and Textiles Manufacturers • Fertilizer Manufacturers • Fiber Optics Distributors • Firearms Distributors • Flexible Packaging Manufacturers • Flooring Materials Manufacturers/Distributors • Foam Padding Manufacturers • Food Distributors • Footwear Manufacturers/Distributors • Furniture Manufacturers/Distributors • Greeting Cards and Educational Games Distributors • Grocery Stores • Hardware Suppliers • Health and Beauty Products Distributors • HVAC and Charging Systems Manufacturers/Distributors • Industrial Scale Manufacturers • Lumber Manufacturers/Distributors • Marine Products Manufacturers • Meat Processors/Distributors • Medical/Dental Products Manufacturers/Distributors • Minerals Processors/Distributors • Mulch Manufacturers/Distributors • Musical Instruments Manufacturers/Distributors • Nurseries • Office Machines & Supplies • Paint Manufacturers/Distributors • Paper Mill Products • Paper Products Distributors • Party & Events Suppliers • Petroleum Vehicles Manufacturers • Pharmaceuticals Distributors • Pipe Manufacturers/Distributors • Plastic Products Manufacturers/Distributors • Produce Processors/Distributors • Pump Manufacturers/Distributors • Refractory Product Manufacturers/Distributors • Rental Equipment Centers • Retail Goods (Various) • Scale Manufacturers • Scrap Metals Recyclers/Processors • Seafood Processors/Distributors • Ski Equipment Distributors • Sporting Goods Distributors/Retailers • Steel Products Manufacturers/Distributors • Tire and Wheel Assembly Manufacturers • Toy Distributors • Truck and Trailer Manufacturers/Distributors •  TV Broadcasting Equipment Manufacturers • Valve Manufacturers/Distributors • Video Games and Accessories Distributors • Wall Covering Distributors • Wire and Cable Manufacturers/Distributors

For more information about a specific inventory appraisal assignment, please call us at (844) VALUEME (825-8363).