Metalworking Equipment Appraisals

Metalworking equipment appraisers

Amada Vipros 357 Queen CNC Turret Punch

M&E Appraisal Associates, Inc. (“M&EAA”) recently appraised the machinery & equipment of a precision metalworking and powder coating operation.

M&EAA has over 25 years experience providing metalworking equipment appraisals and powder coating equipment appraisals.

The primary metalworking equipment included: CNC laser cutting machines; CNC laser punch presses and turret punches; CNC press brakes; CNC turning centers; CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers; CNC vertical mills; robotic welding systems; precision spot welders; powder coating systems/lines; quality control equipment (coordinate measuring machines and laser measuring systems), plant support equipment (air compressors; air dryers; chillers; dust collectors), material handling equipment, forklifts, vehicles, etc.

Original equipment manufacturers included: Amada, Promecam, Cincinnati, Mori Seiki, Brother, Daewoo, Fadal, Kitamura, Yama Seiki, Panasonic, Motoman, Nordson, etc. These manufacturers are well known names in their respective industries, and are frequently sold on secondary markets.

Metalworking equipment appraisals

Inline Wash Tunnel

As in many operations, the subject machinery & equipment ranged widely in age. The subject company’s machinery & equipment ranged from manufactured in the 1990’s to late model/manufactured in 2017-2018. Values for CNC machinery & equipment in particular is very age sensitive. The subject machinery & equipment was observed in good condition and was frequently maintained. Many of the subject items had been upgraded over the years.

Appraisal conclusion: The subject machinery & equipment was appraised for loan consideration purposes under the Fair Market Value scenario. As is universally the case, newer CNC machinery & equipment had high value, while older CNC equipment (typically 10+ years) had lower to residual value. Additionally, the higher degree of installation/custom configured items such as the powder coating line (including multi stage wash line; pass through drying tunnel; overhead conveyor system) inherently have high removal costs and resultant lower Fair Market Value. As the subject company had a large population of newer and well maintained CNC machinery & equipment, the concluded Fair Market Value was favorable. 

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