Plating Equipment Appraisals

M&E Appraisal Associates, Inc. (“M&EAA”) recently appraised the machinery & equipment of a plating company. M&EAA are experienced plating equipment appraisers, and have provided certified plating equipment appraisals since 1990.

The subject company is a electroplating services provider located in South Carolina.

The specific assets appraised by M&EAA included multiple electroplating lines consisting of plating tanks, rectifiers, filter pumps, crane systems, plating barrels & racks, etc. Support equipment included waste water treatment & filtration equipment, sludge burners & presses, fume scrubbers, parts finishing & polishing machines, laboratory equipment and other general plant equipment.

Plating Equipment Appraisals
General view of electroplating line

M&EAA relied primarily on the sales comparison or market approach in valuing the subject items (although the cost and income approaches were considered).

Parties contacted as part of the market research process included equipment dealers or resellers of used equipment, original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), and other such sources.

Additionally, data obtained from published sources and data maintained in M&EAA’s files was also considered. Final sources of information considered included published price guides, current sales offerings, and/or recent sales of comparable items, including auction sales. Based on the use of standard appraisal methodology and the consideration of all relevant data, values were concluded.

Plating Equipment Appraisers
Electroplating line: view of plating tanks

Plating equipment appraisals – final conclusions: the subject machinery & equipment was determined to have moderate appeal under a removal value premise. There is strong demand for the subject equipment in general, but environmental considerations did temper final value conclusions.

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